Collection: whalebone

Large and impressive: Floer Walvisbone PVC floors, the extra large successor to the Herringbone PVC. The collection is wider and longer than 'its little brother', the standard herringbone PVC floors. Floer Walvisbone PVC has a beautiful microbevel around the plank, which further emphasizes the luxurious format. With the tangible wood structure, this XL Herringbone PVC floor is difficult to distinguish from a real wooden herringbone floor. In addition, these extra large herringbone PVC floors have the REACH certificate and are produced in an eco-friendly manner, as shown by the Emission Class A+ quality mark. The whalebone PVC is clean and safe and contributes to a healthy indoor environment. Combined with the lifelike patterns, the Floer Walvisbone PVC floors are, just like the whale, large in size and very impressive. View the realistic XL Herringbone floors here!

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